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UK Solar are an approved provider of signage and window film manifestation for Land Securities London Office portfolio

Vinyl graphics offer an incredibly versatile solution to window decoration for safety or marketing.

Vinyl is a great material for creating bold, sharp and colourful graphics easily applied to flat, smooth and solid surfaces like windows; and it doesn’t have to be lurid primary colours if that doesn’t work for you; create subtle glass etchings or designer minimalism in minutes with our low disruption and high impact visuals.

Printed vinyl graphics

Printed Vinyl GraphicsPrint absolutely anything onto vinyl films or onto any of our specialist films to turn a simple window into a billboard display area. Smooth films offer great colour and sharpness reproduction and the freedom to remove and replace films as you change promotions or seasons.

A classic product for retail stores wanting to shout about their products or companies exhibiting at trade shows looking for an eye catching unit, the same concept can be applied to even designer minimal interiors enhancing branding or atmosphere.

Cut vinyl graphics

Vinyl Cutting PlotterA beautiful solution to clean, sharp, solid shapes like corporate logos or text, the method involves computer cutting coloured vinyls precisely to a pre-designed shape and then applying it to the glass just like our specialist window films.

Great for high colour or high class the system has many creative applications such as utilising frosted film to give the effect of expensive glass etching or sandblasting, whilst products like the Lumisty system, which changes from frosted to clear depending on what angle you view it from, can make logos, etchings and words appear and disappear as people walk past.

Glass safety manifestations

These health and safety essentials can be anything from cut vinyl rows of dots to full pane printed images. Our team can advise you of your health and safety requirements for manifestations, which warn people visually of the presence of clear glass, the range of options available today almost make this a design benefit.

On May 1st 2004 a new regulation Document M - Access to and Use of Buildings (2004 edition) was issued. This refers to new critical location buildings, and refurbishments of existing buildings from that date, it is a duty of care and states the following:-

Glass entrance doors and glazed screens will satisfy Requirements M1 or M2 if:

  • They are clearly defined with manifestation on the glass at two levels, 850 to 1000 mm and 1400 to 1600 mm above the floor, contrasting visually with the background seen through the glass (both sides from inside and outside) in all lighting conditions:
  • Manifestation takes the form of a logo or sign at least 150 mm high (repeated on a glazed screen) or a decorative feature such as a broken lines or continuous bands, at least 50 mm high.
  • Glazed entrance doors, where adjacent to, or forming part of, a glazed screen, are clearly differentiated from it by the provision of a high contrast strip at the top and on both sides.
  • Glass entrance doors, where capable of being held open, are protected by guarding to prevent the leading edge constituting a hazard.

Manifestation Graphics provide a quick, easy and cost effective solution to legal requirements. Standard banding for glass is stocked by the linear metre and available in several acid etched sandblasted effects or coloured vinyl's.

No matter what your need for graphics on window films or vinyl speak to us at UK Solar to work out exactly what’s going to work with your company and property the best.

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